anytime, anywhere. Our first responsibility is therefore upstream: to identify and minimise any risks that may impact our customers ‘life.


both in their everyday life in case of emergency: car breakdowns, home emergencies, and sickness abroad… We are by their side, whenever they need us, listening to their needs and responding with top-quality solutions.


and require people to revise their ambitions, reorganise their home and adapt their lifestyle. At AXA Assistance, we stand by our customers and provide on-going support.

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Beyond an emergency response: supporting our partners and looking after our customers anytime, anywhere

Beyond an emergency response: supporting our partners and looking after our customers anytime, anywhere

Our History

How it all began

AXA Assistance Algeria (Inter-Partner Assistance Algeria) was created in 2007, due to a joint-venture between SAE Exact and Inter Partner Assistance SA, a global leader in the assistance market with presence in 34 countries and an activity in more than 200 countries.

As a specialist in assistance, we are available 24/24H, 7/7, all over the world. We coordinate all of our services through a national and international network of 39 AXA Assistance operating centers around the world. Commitment, quality measurement, and the constant search for improved customer service are the driving forces behind our strategy. Choosing AXA Assistance Algeria means being able to count on a partner capable of mobilizing its forces and networks to manage emergency situations with maximum of efficiency and quality, Anywhere in the world.  AXA Assistance Algeria offers the guarantee of the best service, With the determination to constantly reinvent assistance, and to illustrate each day its ability to provide immediate solutions but also to deploy a mastered know-how, backed by a structured international network , And offers a full range of complementary services.

Our strategy

Stratégie Axa Assistance Algérie

Acteur important du secteur de l’assistance en Algérie, Inter Partner Assistance se tourne résolument vers l’innovation et l’élargissement graduel de sa gamme de services. Ceci lui permet d’anticiper continuellement les besoins spécifiques de ses clients. Inter Partner Assistance est l’un des leaders sur le segment de marché business-to-business en Algérie. La majeure partie de son activité est exercée au nom de ses nombreux partenaires (compagnies d’assurances, concessionnaires, banques,…) Au fil des années, une véritable relation de confiance s’est établie avec plusieurs d’entre eux.

Business to business solutions

Banques, compagnies d’assurance, émetteurs de cartes de crédit, multinationales, entreprises du secteur privé,… toutes ces organisations aspirent à rendre un meilleur service, chaque jour. Une ambition noble à laquelle souhaite participer Inter Partner Assistance Algérie.

Pour le secteur business-to-business, Inter Partner Assistance possède un éventail de solutions très intéressantes. Des solutions d’assistance sur mesure qui viennent se greffer très rapidement et facilement à vos offres existantes. Des concepts uniques et attractifs différencieront vos services de ceux de vos concurrents. Tout ceci dans le même but : offrir plus de service, plus de confort, plus d’assistance à vos clients. L’atout majeur d’Inter Partner Assistance sur le marché business-to-business est son approche sur mesure, qui nous permet de proposer à tous nos clients des solutions à la carte.

Nous nous efforçons de répondre avec flexibilité aux attentes spécifiques de nos partenaires et de rester attentif aux nouveautés et tendances du marché.

Our Commitment

Do our work at it's best

The risks inherent in human existence, economic activity and the natural environment have given our profession an increasingly vital role in the life and growth of local societies and economies. Also to show its determination to go faster and further in its will to "do its job well" AXA Assistance Algeria wished to make commitments of :

Availability: Be there when our customers need us and really listen to them.

Reliability: Say what we do, do what we say and what is expected of our customers to keep them informed and deserve their trust.

Attention: Treat our customers with empathy and consideration, provide them with personal advice and reward their loyalty.


On the other hand, AXA Assistance Algerie is committed to each partner and insured to :


A high level of accessibility.

A quick stall of the phone.

Rapid response time for convenience stores (within 45 minutes on average).

For the purpose of critical and continuous evaluation of the services provided, AXA Assistance Algerie organizes very regularly a customer satisfaction surveys.

Meetings with our partners, during which the quality aspects are studied on the basis of transparent reports.

 Inventories of customer remarks and improvement actions.

Analysis of the quality of the telephone reception.