Our activities

Our lines of business

Roadside Assistance


Roadside Assistance currently accounts for almost half of our global business. 
In the event of a vehicle breakdown, we naturally want to help you recover your mobility as rapidly as possible, and in the best possible conditions. We use cutting-edge technologies to enhance our ability to anticipate incidents of all kinds. 

We deliver standard roadside assistance services like vehicle repair, recovery and onward travel to destination for the driver and passengers, ensuring top-quality service provision and careful attention to customer needs throughout. We make innovative use of cutting-edge technologies, using mobile applications to deliver real-time updates on the progress made in resolving your incident.

Our ability to innovate is one of our key strengths; particularly as regards electric vehicles and automotive fleet management, domains in which we offer end-to-end services to our customers.

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Travel Assistance


Travel assistance is a traditional corner stone of our business. It now represents over 20% of our global activity. Inter Partner Assistance Algeria offers a wide range of services that caters to all kinds of traveller –tourists, expat professionals, students, etc.– enabling everyone to travel without stress. We also offer our partners the opportunity to build specific assistance packages that meet their own customers' needs.


For Inter Partner Assistance Algeria, travel assistance means more than an emergency response; we provide ongoing support before, during and after travel. Beforehand, we provide essential information that helps our customers organise their journey (administrative requirements, medical prerogatives, safety information, etc.). Whenever necessary, at any time during their stay, our customers can rely on our international medical network. And if their health deteriorates, we shall organise a medical repatriation operation, and ensure all necessary medical follow-up and home care services.

As part of an international network covering more than 200 countries around the world, Inter Partner Assistance Algeria is able to intervene anywhere in the world in case of unforeseen circumstances, and offers covers adapted to each type of trip: the whole world, Schengen area, orange card ... and allows its customers, via an electronic subscription management tool, to access and update the beneficiaries' files on a permanent basis.

Health Assistance

The world of health is moving; The relationship between patients and doctors is changing. At Inter Partner  Assistance Algeria, we are already working to offer our clients many innovations in prevention and healthcare services.

Leveraging innovations in healthcare

Our know-how in healthcare is vast, ranging from the accompaniment of medical evacuations to the management of innovative remote health problems (Health At Hand), until the payment of health benefits regulations TPA (Third Part Administration).

Our expertise is based on an extensive network of correspondents, doctors, clinics, imaging centers and analytical laboratories ... all over the world. Our strategy is to develop an ever more effective partnership between the best healthcare support and the technological innovations most appropriate to the well-being of our customers.

At home or on the road, the assistance allows, on a simple cell call, to be taken care of in case of illness or accident by doctors, nurses and other professionals, at any time to help our clients.

With the addition of Second Medical Opinion (SMO), our clients benefit from the advice of the best experts from our international medical network.

Health is the most valuable asset of every human being. Our mission is to protect the health of our customers. When it comes to assigning doctors, selecting medical providers or protecting medical data, we are committed to proposing the most appropriate solutions.

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Home Assistance

Solutions for all needs

Well-being at home is a core human need, which is why lifecare services form a key pillar of our offering.
Whether in terms of prevention (attempted burglary, fire risks, etc.) or delivering immediate solutions in emergency situations (leaks, heating problems, etc.), we constantly look after the well-being of our customers and their families at home. We aim to maintain a leading offering that continues to leverage cutting-edge technologies for connected homes.

Home assistance: A set of services to facilitate the life of our customers, whether private or real estate managers: sending a plumber, electrician, locksmith, glazier, or any professional Specially selected for its availability, know-how and price.

Consumer Electronic

Comprehensive services that ensure your client's long-term use of appliances and multimedia devices. 

Mobile Phone Insurance

Allowing to protect smartphones from risks related to their possession and their daily use, 
Inter Partner Assistance Algeria has developed a mobile coverage with guarantees adaptable to the need, 

BBG Warranty Extension

It allows to extend the manufacturers' warranties from 1 to 4 years, covering mechanical or electronic failures, generally including repair and/or replacement warranties for white, brown and grey devices. 
Coverage applies to a single appliance (mono) or to the appliances of the entire household (household package) of the insured.

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