Our Innovations

A company in change

Innovation is at the heart of our business. New technologies make a significant contribution to the services we provide to our customers. It is an approach that is anchored in our daily work. It is a commitment to research and development. It is a vision that drives us.
The digital revolution is opening up new horizons. Its irruption into all spheres of our lives is profoundly changing our consumer habits. In the assistance sector, this digital transformation is an incredible opportunity to improve service. At Inter Partner Assistance Algeria we are exploring these new avenues.


Automatic Assignment

Automotive Assistance in one click

At Inter Partner Assistance Algeria and thanks to technology, we imagine innovative and accessible solutions.


The Automatic Assignment allows a faster processing of customer requests in order to entrust missions to the providers (tugboats) via a mobile applications.

The aim of the Automatic Assignment is to provide an optimal quality of service and a reduced response time.


Here With You

Your service provider at your fingertips


At Inter Partner Assistance Algeria, we have developed a "HereWithYou" web application that allows our customers to locate their requested tug service and the estimated time of arrival, thanks to a direct access to Google Maps you have a real-time visibility on The mobility of your tug.

Available 24/7, regardless of where the insured is located.

Customer Pulse

Customer pulse is a customer satisfaction survey that is conducted immediately after the Assistance services have been provided. This program contributes to optimizing the customer experience for all our policyholders..... "The difference is in the experience".
Ensuring quality of service will allow us to stay in touch with our customers and help us improve our know-how (Win/Win approach).

E-learning Platform

E-learning Platform

A learning platform

Faced with the exceptional and particular situation we all face, Inter Partner Assistance Algeria, anxious to keep a permanent and continuous contact, is proud to announce the digitalization of its training with the provision of an online learning platform free of charge.

This learning platform (e-learning) which is intended to be intuitive and interactive with content sharing, quizzes and practical cases on vehicle assistance and travel assistance and which could be extended to other products in a second time can only be beneficial.